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Solving a personnel shortage ChoosingC&E Employment Agency

Are shortages of quality staff bringing your company down?

How temporary employees will help to alleviate the pressure

Many companies are currently facing a shortage of staff. If your company is one of them, you have several options to expand your workforce:
(Temporarily) hiring someone;
Hiring a freelancer;
Using an employment agency.Whether you are facing a short-term or long-term staff shortage, partnering with an employment agency may very well be your best choice.

In short, an employment agency will bring you the following benefits:
Less administrative overhead;
Swift response time;
Let's not forget: low costs.

1. No salary costs

Temporary workers receive their salary from the agency. For you it is therefore only a matter of paying a regular bill. For freelancers or contract workers for some time is a time investment required to go through applications and conduct interviews. This process is repeated for each vacancy. Employment agencies take this work off your hands. The only interview that you enter is for figuring the correct agency. Benefits, insurance, transport and housing are no longer your concern. The difference in price with permanent staff employed earn back the hours you save on the (salary) administration.

2. What does the future hold

No one can predict how your workforce looks like in the future. What we do know is that the ideal size of the file through time often varies.

Therefore, the termination of a contract with a temporary worker as fast and easy as creating them.

If later just another temporary worker proves necessary, you only need to call the agency. No interviews, no procedures, one phone call.

3. When can I start?

If you prefer to put in an additional employee today , you can look forward to the fact that employment agencies are having a significant amount of finished motivated employees who want to work.

Take advantage of the extensive network of employees that has been built over the years. These workers are what counts at employment agencies.

4. The price

The flexibility at all times exactly have the most efficient number of employees is priceless. The cost of freelancers are often relatively high because these employees have to cover their own risks. Examination of the NBBU also shows that lower upfront costs and a relatively larger number of productive hours can ensure that employment agencies are the most cost-effective option.